Do you have contact with English-speaking business partners and do you know hardly any English? Do you need to make phone calls and e-mail in English? Or do you need to negotiate with English-speaking business partners and talk to customers?

Prevent misunderstandings and communicate self-confidently and effectively in English!
In the course Business English for beginners you will learn the basics of business English. After this course you will:

  • be able to express yourself in common business situations (conversations, phone calls and e-mails)
  • have extended your vocabulary
  • know the basic grammar rules and their applications

In this course
we will work with English365 Level 1 by S. Flinders et al. The time investment (self-study and homework) besides the classes amounts to about half an hour a day. You will receive a TaalKrachtig-folder with supplementary material, if necessary.

Business English for beginners
is for everybody who has contact at work with English-speaking customers or business partners. You can take the course individually or in a group. The classes will take place at IJsselstraat 37 in Utrecht (alternative location if so desired by mutual agreement). The course is offered in packages of several lessons and takes as long as you want. 

A class is € 90.00 per hour (per person, excluding VAT and class material). You need to buy a lesson package in advance. The more hours you buy, the less you pay, e.g. 10 x 1 hour (€ 855.00 i.e. 5% discount), 10 x 1.5 hours (€ 1,215.00 i.e. 10% discount) or 10 x 2 hours (€ 1,530.00 i.e. 15% discount). Classes in the evenings cost an additional € 10 per hour. Prices for more than one person are available on request.

Please contact Mirjam Hausmann to make an intake appointment: 030 -261 50 00 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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